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Currently known as Launch by Junglescout, Jumpsend is a tool that lists the best deals on top rated products. It has an active user-base of 100,000 shoppers, all of whom are looking to find the best deals. Sellers can, therefore, use this platform to promote products. Jumpsend also comes with an auto-responder facility that helps you communicate with shoppers after they've made a purchase. Keep reading to check out our detailed jumpsend reviews.       

Basics of Jump send

As previously mentioned, Jump send is a great tool for pulling up sales on your Amazon listing. A major takeaway of this product is the dedicated launch platform that helps distributing vouchers and coupons against your Amazon listing. Check the new IO Scout product finder for Amazon and find the best products to sell. Since more than 150,000 shoppers actively use this platform for the best deals, it’ll certainly help increase your profits.   

The next major highlight is the auto responder that ensures an instant integration to your Amazon merchant account. After the integration, it will immediately automate the mails from Amazon.  Since both these features have their individual merits, Jumpsend continues to have a massive user base.  

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What Are the Features?  

JumpSend comes with incredible features tailored to benefit the seller. Top features include product promotions, deals, vouchers, discounts, online campaigns, targeted keyword searches, and campaigns to boost product popularity.  The tool also comes with fully personalized email templates. You can tweak these templates to add your personal touch while marketing products.  

Amid these incredible functionalities, another great benefit of JumpSend is the discount option. This feature can be used for doubling the popularity of any item. This results in greater sales and significantly higher revenues.  The basic working mechanism of the tool is simple. You just need to sell your listed products at a minor discount. This way, you will almost automatically tap in the shoppers from Amazon who are looking out for the coolest jumpsend deals.  

Since this tool allows sellers to reach out to the buyers post-purchase, you can always seek feedback from them. The reviews left by your customer base won’t just boost your visibility but will also allow you to gain proper insight regarding what exactly they loved and hated about the product. This way, you can improve your product and reach out to a higher customer base.  Since JumpSend is also fully Amazon compliant, they ensure every rule for the seller and buyer is duly maintained and obeyed. There’s absolutely nothing to lose when you use Jumpsend.

The best part: it can effectively boost your sales.   JumpSend is a welcome break from the generic tools that only help with manipulating ratings whereby you can delete or get rid of bad reviews.  JumpSend doesn’t help manipulate ratings and that alone makes it stand out. Although some might feel that this alone is a major downside, such is not the case. Instead of fake manipulation, JumpSend will aid in organic growth, putting you in Amazon’s good graces.  

Using it   

For using JumpSend Amazon, one first needs to choose a item and start a giveaway for the same. You can either choose the usual URL of Amazon or opt for URL that targets keywords.  Next, choose the percentage of markdown and pick any of the listed coupons. The third step involves deciding how you want to approve the discounts for the shoppers. The seller needs to add a day-to-day limit for the same.  After setting the limit, consider protecting your inventory. This can be done by limiting the total order quantity that qualifies against promotions.  Finally, come up with a follow-up campaign and seek customer feedback.   

Launch Vs Jumpsend  

As previously mentioned, JumpSend is acquired by JungleScout and it will now be available as ‘Launch’ on Jungle Scout’s portal. But how exactly is Launch and Jumpsend different?  Almost everything has changed in Launch barring its feature for promotions and some email marketing campaigns. So, if you are planning to use the tool post the merger, here are some of the things that might seem different.   

Users : Jump send will now be available a target group who can access and avail the deals, vouchers, and promotions you’re offering. This will help you tap in more customers. Additionally, the users can more conveniently look for their preferred products and they’ll have a dedicated tool to help them with the task.  

Campaigns : While JumpSend was only available to US and UK based customers, such is not the case with Launch. Given the growing advent of globalization, it is imperative to come up with an extension allowing shoppers across the globe to make hassle-free purchases. Launch is exactly living up to this goal.  Unlike jump send you can use Launch for sending automatic emails to customers across the US, UK, Spain, and France. Other countries include Canada and Germany to name a few. This is indeed a great way of engaging with a global customer base. That said, this extension can be only used on emails. The promotions, on the other hand, are available to people living in the UK and the US.  

Generation of Keywords: Previously, Jumpsend allowed sellers to come up with dedicated URLs with popular keywords to promote products. This feature isn’t available on Launch. Why? Because Amazon is taking action against customized key phrases deeming them to be a manipulation of ranking. Jungle Scout has addressed this issue in a bid to simplify things for sellers. This move is also believed to increase organic ranking.  

Price Change: The previous version of Jumpsent came with a fixed arrangement price where one had to pay a flat fee. The current version is highly flexible and convenient. Thanks to this version, you can now leverage the Launch tool for paying as per the total product limit.

For the uninitiated, this limit refers to the total products that can be used by sellers for creating promotions and initiating online email marketing campaigns.  Also, the current pricing package will be calculated in accordance with the overall order amount operated from the seller’s Amazon account every month. This is indeed a great perk benefit as you can now use an entire set of features for all the items you’re selling.  

Safety : The accessibility and security of Jumpsend have significantly improved, thanks to its transition to Launch. Owing to this latest transition, you now have the flexibility of inviting other users to be part of your account without having to worry about any privacy constraints as you share the password. After the transition, users will have the flexibility of using their individual login data for accessing their account. This feature alone will elevate the total security measure.     


Now that you’ve checked out our detailed jumpsend review, you’ve probably found an answer to all your queries about this iconic tool. Indeed, Jumpsend is one of the best tools for sellers who are looking to boost their revenues and generate significantly high sales on their Amazon listings.  The tool is easy to use, and given the incredible benefits it comes with, we would certainly recommend this for budding and experienced sellers. So, if you haven’t already, consider joining Jumpsend to double up the sales on your Amazon listing. Given the ease of use, flexibility, and convenience this product offers, it is certainly worth your time.     


Q. Will I get a free trial?  

 A. Yes, Jump send extends their free trial facility post the transition as well. You can use this tool (Launch) for one week free of cost. During this time, if you feel the tool isn’t well aligned with your expectations or specific requirements, you will have the option to cancel it.  

 Q. Can I still use Jumpsend's old website?   

A. Yes. Although Jump send is now known as Launch, they've still kept some of the features the same, in a bid to simplify the transition process for users. As a seller, you will have the flexibility of linking your Amazon Marketplace Service to websites like JumpSend. After this, you can access the entire set of features offered by the tool.   

Q. How to start the cancellation process?   

A. Jumpsend has also simplified cancellation for users. This can be quickly done by clicking the account button of JumpSend. Next, click the ‘plan’ tab under the ‘settings’. After this, you will find a red link featuring the ‘Cancel Account’ option. You can instantly cancel your account by clicking this link.

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