Sellics Review: Why Sellics Remains a Winning Choice for Amazon Sellers

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Sellics Review: Why Sellics Remains a Winning Choice for Amazon Sellers

sellics crunchbase

Sellics Crunchbase is a wonderful tool for sellers looking to make it big in their eCommerce venture. The Amazon tool is one that encompasses all you could ever need to be an Amazon top seller. The Sellics package is amazing because it provides for a variety of analytic tools available for every Amazon seller to make awesome profit returns on Amazon.

What Is Sellics?

sellics crunchbase

Sellics Crunchbase is an Amazon multi-functional program that combines many analytical tools in one single and complete package, offering everything needed to grow and expand your Amazon selling venture. The program also hosts the Sellics Sonar, a free Amazon Keyword Research Tool that is an indispensable asset to all top-selling third-party sellers on Amazon. Sellics Sonar is the ultimate solution to most of Amazon sellers' wants and needs in the bid to make amazing profit.

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Sellics Pricing

sellics pricing

For users who want to decide whether Sellics is the best package for their business, the program’s free trial should be taken advantage of. All of the package’s features can be accessed free for 14 days to know which edition best suits the business. After this trial period, the user can then select a Sellics pricing plan which will be charged based on the extent and volume of products sold. Based on the edition the user has subscribed to and the average number of monthly sales, Sellics offers a monthly pay-as-you-go plan, bi-annual or annual plan (the most commonly used of all the plans).

Sellics Products

The full Sellics experience provides three different platforms the Amazon Seller can exploit:

·      Seller Edition

·      Vendor Edition

·      Agency Edition.

 All three platforms contain features such as;

·      Keyword research, analytics functions, and rank tracking

·      Analytics and optimization tools

·      Amazon sales rank tools

Whether it’s a small-scale business or a multi-dollar brand, Sellics offers just the right tools to build and optimize your eCommerce business venture. In case you’re wondering what edition fits you best, take a look at the options below.



Seller Edition


The seller is the one who sells directly to the customers on Amazon through Amazon Seller Central. This edition combines all the necessary analytical tools such as product detector , keyword rankings , review management among many others. Since you’re dealing directly with the customer, these features help the seller stay on his A-game, manage his business effectively and also keep an eye out on the competition.

Vendor Edition

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The vendor is one who sells wholesale to Amazon through Vendor Central. If you want to find the best selling products IO Scout is the cost-effective Amazon product research tool in the market. One can only become a Vendor if given an invitation from Amazon itself. This edition combines useful analytical tools like Content and SEO, Customer Feedback , the Buy Box and Retail analytics that render great assistance to the user in AMS management, improve the visibility and reach of a product, among many other possibilities.

Agency Edition

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Here, the agency edition is provided for those agencies interested in helping other sellers or vendors sell on Amazon. The agency edition software aims at helping such agency supervise their clients' portfolios, accomplishing their desired goals in the process. Even better, this edition is customized to help agencies manage large numbers of clients (whether sellers or vendors) with no additional charge. With Sellics hosting over 4000 brands and 9 international marketplaces, using the agency edition offers better exposure in the marketplace.

In summary, check out the pros and cons of using Sellics.


·               Sellics is one of the most comprehensive Amazon selling tools in the eCommerce market. It has the complete package when it comes to navigating the Amazon market.

·               Sellics provides accurate and current data and metrics from Amazon and converts them into comprehensible information.

·      Efficient customer support can be reached immediately via live chat or email.


·      Sellics can only pull out data information backdating two months

·      The majority of the core features cannot be tested unless a user connects to their Seller Central accounts.

·      Revenue might be higher than anticipated because Sellics regards any promotional price reduction to be a profit for the seller.

Obviously, no software is perfect but Sellics contains all analytical tools to sell and make profit on Amazon and is striving to achieve perfection. Providing accurate and detailed data needed to monitor and grow a business on Amazon, Sellics is surely one software that’s taking the lead in the eCommerce industry.



How Can I Cancel a Sellics Account?

If a user is using the 14-day free trial, there is no need for cancellation as the user is not subscribed to any of the editions. When the trial period is over, the software expires automatically. However, if a user is a subscriber, the subscription can be canceled anytime within the account management block by clicking on terminate underneath the user’s current plan. However, after terminating the plan, the account will continue to run until the end of the user’s cycle.

Can I Use the Sellics Trial?

Sellics offers a 14-day free trial during which all of the software’s features can be accessed. The user is given the perfect chance to encounter the Sellics experience and to decide if it is suitable for business.

How can I use Sellics Customer Support?

For questions and searching for other information regarding the software, Sellics hosts responsive and effective customer support which can be reached via email ( ) or live chat on their website.

Is Sellics Secure?

It is without a doubt secure. Sellics uses Amazon web services to prevent any cyber insecurity.


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