Viral Launch Review

posted on 24-Monday-02-2020 10:09

Viral Launch

Online business has become a hot cake for new entrepreneurs. More and more business-minded people are getting to online business because of its payback value and easy marketing strategies. Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce marketplace and a favorite platform for new and expert sellers. But starting a business on amazon and getting profits is not an easy task.

There are multiple tools available that help you to perform better on amazon and increase revenues significantly. In this article, we are going to review one of these tools named viral launch. So let’s dive in and see everything this tool has to offer to its users.

What Is A Viral-Launch?

It is an excellent software that helps amazon users to increase their sales and get the maximum output from their sales. IO Scout present bsr calculator free trial! Viral launch helps you to find accurate keywords required to boost your business. It also optimizes your search results and also analyzes your competitors. It is so far, the best and the most reliable tool for amazon sellers. The viral launch was also among the most popular seller tools in 2019.

Viral Launch Pricing

It has 4 package plans to offer. Each one of them is for the specific needs and requirements of sellers.

Beginner’s Package

This is the lowest packages offered by viral launch and it is meant for beginners specifically. It costs $59 per month and $50 per year. If you are a starter and want to see how well your product will do on amazon, you are advised to use this package. This is also cost-effective for beginners but you will only be able to use 3 features of viral launch in this package.

Pro Package

This package is more or less the same as beginner’s package but with few additional features. It costs $99 per month and $83 per year. If you have surpassed the beginner’s level and now your products are doing well on Amazon, you can choose this package to grow your business. You can use 9 out of 11 features of viral launch in this package.

Brand Builder

This package has all the features of the above two packages with additional two features with increased numbers of uses. This package costs $149 per month and $125 per year. This is the best package for you if you have already built your brand on amazon and now wants to take a step further.

Kinetic Package

This is the last but the most effective package offered by viral launch. It costs $199 per month and $166 per year. If you are a successful seller on amazon and want to take your brand to new heights, opt for this package. However, these prices are for only one store, if you want to add more, you have to pay $83 per month each.

Viral Launch Solutions

So now you know all about the viral launch and its pricing, let's check out the solutions it offers:

Kinetic PPC

This is a new feature of viral launch and it is working great so far. This tool is very effective to monitor the results and increase profits. This also allows you to get unhindered data accessibility while setting up the rules according to your demands. Kinetic PPC allows you to implement marketing strategies that set up apart from your competitors.

Product Discovery

This tool helps you to find best-selling products on amazon with professional assistance. You can see which markets have a high demand for your products and which one does not need them at all. This is the best thing if you want to beat your competitors.

 Market Intelligence

If you want to search for profitable products, marketing intelligence is the tool you should use. It will display data of desirable products with analysis and evaluations. You can make a wise decision about a product just by looking at the analyses.

Keyword Research

No online business can be successful without getting the right keywords. This is what this feature is for. Guessing things is out of trend now. This keyword research tool helps you to find the most in-demand keywords that can boost your sales. Its opportunity score display keywords with regard to their importance.

Competitor Intelligence

Viral launch offers you to see your competitors and how they are performing in their specific niches. Go to the dashboard option and put a product’s ASIN. You will get a list of their keywords and searched items. How cool is that?

Listing Analyzer

This tool offers an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s niches by providing a SWOT analysis. There is another amazing this feature offers. It allows you to compare your listings with your competitor’s listings. This is the most valuable thing an amazon seller can use to see what is taking their competitors ahead of them.

Split Testing

You can combine different marketing strategies together to get better results by using this feature. You get a comprehensive analysis based on your sales and revenues. You can get an idea about the sales growth just by looking at the graphs. You are able to test 7 variations and see which one suits you the best.


How do I cancel the viral launch?

  1. Go to Launchpad
  2. Select the account tab
  3. Go to settings
  4. Click billing tab
  5. Click cancel to cancel the viral launch subscription

Can I use a viral launch free trial?

Yes, viral launch offers 14 days free trial.

Is Viral Launch Accurate?

It looks very accurate. Rest depends on your findings according to your product niche.




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